Dietary advice is reimbursed for 3 hours per calendar year from the basic insurance. The mandatory deductible of € 385 per year does apply to this. Children up to the age of 18 have no deductible. 
In addition, most health insurers offer an additional reimbursement from the supplementary package. Consult your policy or contact your health care provider for this.

Indirect time

In addition to the conversation at the practice, a dietitian also has indirect time (which you are not included in) on file, consultation with other care providers / caregivers and reports. Unfortunately, this indirect time will expire in 2019 due to a policy rule from the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA). This should be settled in the rates of the health insurers, but unfortunately that has not happened with any health insurer. For this reason Maaike Boere has not concluded a contract with:

– Caresq (Besured, PhD candidate, National Academic)  

What does this mean for you if you are insured with Caresq? You will then receive an invoice from me that you will pay me. You then submit this invoice to Caresq. 

Chronic disorder

Do you have Diabetes Mellitus, COPD (chronic respiratory disease) or risk of cardiovascular disease (increased risk of cardiovascular disease)? Then your reimbursement may fall under chain care. In that case diet advice is reimbursed for 3-4 hours via the basic insurance and is not deducted from the compulsory deductible.

Immediate accessibility

To claim reimbursement from health insurance, you need a written referral from a doctor (general practitioner, dentist or specialist). The dietitian is also directly accessible, however, most health insurers have chosen not to pay reimbursement without a letter of referral. To avoid confusion, Maaike Boere Diëtist prefers treatment with a referral letter.