In addition to giving nutritional advice and coaching clients, I also enjoy cooking and being able to use my creativity in the kitchen. I regularly post healthy and delicious recipes on Instagram & Facebook. At the bottom of my homepage are my Instagram photos; if you click on the photos you will also see the recipe.

I also like to make fresh soups, carrot-banana bread with oatmeal or healthy chocolate brownies on the weekend. I strive to do everything with as little sugar as possible and I regularly choose for example banana, avocado or coconut oil to prepare things with. And occasionally I also use butter for an extra delicious taste.

I used to like to help in the kitchen. And I still enjoy trying out recipes and cooking for friends or family. That’s why I think it’s important to provide my clients with fun recipes and good tips that they can use. In this way I try to inspire people to cook healthier and that is sometimes quite a challenge. Yet I see that you can achieve a lot with a little creativity and motivation. And cooking must be fun and easy, especially for people with a busy job and children at home. If you make an appointment with me soon, I hope to inspire you too, because healthy cooking can be learned!